Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find the latest career opportunities at Zurich?
  • I want to send you my CV/resume. What’s the best way to do that?
    Generally, we only look at CVs if they are sent as part of an application for a current vacancy. To find out if there is a suitable role for you and to apply online – with your CV if requested – visit the search and apply page.
  • Do I need to submit my CV in a specific format?
    No. Just use the format you would normally use in your country.
  • I can’t find my country in the search criteria. What does this mean?
    If your country is not listed in the search criteria, it means that Zurich currently does not have a presence in that country. You are welcome to explore available opportunities in other countries and submit your profile for any of them. Your CV/resume will be sent directly to the country you select. That country's recruiting team will compare your skills and experience with their requirements. You will need a work permit in that country.
  • I’m interested in your university recruitment program. Where can I find out more?
    You can find information about early careers with Zurich here and on the local career page of the country where you would like to work.
  • I’m interested in internships or scholarships with Zurich. Where can I find out more?
    We offer students internship opportunities across a number of our business areas. Details vary from country to country. You can find out more about opportunities in your country by visiting the local country website, which can be found here.
  • Where does Zurich have offices?
  • What benefits does Zurich offer?
    Our benefits package includes competitive compensation, special insurance discounts, international mobility, and personalized development and leadership programs.
  • I want to continue my education as I further my career. Can I do this at Zurich?
    Yes. We believe that supporting individual growth and development helps us to deliver the best results for our customers. Encouraging development is crucial to ensure that we continue to attract and retain talented individuals. Regardless of role or organizational level, everyone deserves to realize their potential. At Zurich, you can look forward to a full spectrum of development opportunities; short courses on specific skills, a suite of virtual and distance learning, and management, leadership and talent programs. Learn more about applying for a role at Zurich.
  • Tell me about the typical Zurich application process.
  • I have an interview with Zurich coming up. What’s the best way to prepare?
    Do your research. Make sure you understand what Zurich has achieved, what our business is all about, and what we have announced for the future. You should be able to explain why Zurich is the best choice for you. At the interview, it’s important to make a good first impression, so make sure you dress to impress and present yourself professionally. We understand that it is natural to be nervous at an interview. But be confident. We want to see and hear you at your best. Remember – if we have invited you to an interview, it’s because we think you could be the right person for the job. We want you to succeed. An interview with Zurich is not just about us asking you questions. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to ask us questions. There must be things you are curious about. Prepare some questions in advance. Remember, an interview is your chance to persuade us of all the benefits that come from hiring you. We expect you to sell yourself, so be ready to talk about your strengths and achievements. Think about the things that set you apart. Even if your interview doesn’t lead to a job at Zurich this time, it doesn’t mean you’ll never join Zurich. Follow up and request feedback on our decision. You can learn a lot from this, and build on our response to improve your prospects next time.
  • How long do I have to wait until I get feedback after I apply online?
    After applying, you’ll get an automated email confirming that the appropriate recruiting team received your application. We can’t specify how soon you’ll hear back from the recruiter, as this will depend on the role and on the amount of applications the recruiter receives.
  • How do I get in touch if I have any questions?
    If you’d like to ask a question that we haven’t answered in this FAQ section, you can do so with our contact form.
  • How can I delete my applicant profile?
    If you would like to delete your applicant profile, you can do so with our contact form.

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