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The Atlantic Council and Zurich

Zurich has an ongoing partnership with the Atlantic Council. Our first collaboration looked at the systemic and cascading potential of cyber risks. We are currently undertaking a three-year program to gain an understanding of how the costs and benefits of future cyber, migration and geopolitical risk developments could affect global GDP over time – and what businesses and policy makers can do to secure the best possible outcomes.

In 2016, Zurich is working with the Atlantic Council to develop insights into the effect of demographic change on global growth, focusing on issues like the importance of youth bulges, migration and mobility.

Cyber Risk Report

The findings of our original 2014 collaboration on systemic cyber risk were presented in a groundbreaking report, Beyond Data Breaches: Global Aggregations of Cyber Risk. In that report, Zurich and the Atlantic Council went beyond analyzing common cyber risks like data breaches to explore cascading and systemic cyber shocks, similar to the “Lehmann moment” of 2008.

In 2015, a second report - "Overcome by Cyber Risks?" used the economic modeling tools of the Pardee Center at the University of Denver to build on the notion of “cyber sub-prime” to gain an understanding of how cyber costs and benefits affect national GDP over time – and how businesses and policy makers could assure the best outcome in terms of economic growth.

Cyber risk videos

More videos about cyber risk available from the Zurich YouTube channel.

Beyond Data Breaches: Global Interconnections of Cyber Risk

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