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Putting you in control of your risk

Introducing a new level of self-service

My Zurich now gives customers who request it the ability to generate their own liability insurance e-certificates.

Watch our short video to find out how quick and easy it is to generate a customized e-certificate and contact us.

As a My Zurich customer, you can create Liability certificates:

  • For more than 60 countries across the globe, if you are based in Switzerland, Germany, France or the UK.
  • For the 31 member countries of the European Economic Area, if you’re based in a country outside the EEA and hold a Freedom-of-Service (FoS) policy.
  • On local paper and in local language for selected countries including Australia, China, Ireland, New Zealand and (future release) the U.S.

For more information, please download our factsheet:
My Zurich e-certificates functionality (810 KB/PDF)

When you care about your business, you need to be at the very center of efforts to protect it. My Zurich allows you to quickly monitor and act on your risk management information, in all countries across all of your locations, in real time. Even out of office hours. Our digital solution puts you in control of your risk.

Helene Westerlind
Global Head of International Programs
Commercial Insurance

Gain valuable risk and financial insights on your program.

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View and analyze your risk assessment data

Make better-informed risk management decisions by carrying out straightforward and intuitive analyses on your risk assessment data.

More about Zurich Risk Engineering

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Overlay natural catastrophe information

Protect your business with actionable information on earthquakes, floods and storms for all of your locations globally.

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View and analyze your claims history

Review your organization’s complete international programs claims history, from a global overview right down to specific claims details.

More about our approach to claims

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Self-assess your risks

Our integrated Zurich Risk Advisor tool enables you to assess your fire, employers’ liability, and cyber risks using our tried-and-tested methodology.

More about Zurich Risk Advisor

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Explore a wide range of risk scenarios

Our integrated Zurich Risk Room tool helps you cut through the complexity of ever-changing risk environments and make better-informed risk management and strategic decisions.

More about Zurich Risk Room

Keep up-to-date with all aspects of your International Program

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View your complete portfolio

All of your global insurance data is at your fingertips – drill down to review specific policy details with real-time portfolio overviews.

More about Zurich International Programs

More about Zurich International Programs for Employees

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Access the latest regulatory and tax information

Zurich Multination Insurance Application (MIA), our unique, multi-award-winning database on local regulations and taxes, helps you keep your program compliant.

More about Zurich MIA

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Check the status and progress of claims

See when claims have been paid and the current situation for any unresolved claims.

More about our approach to claims

Carry out straightforward tasks using self-service

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Download captive and reinsurance documents

View and download Borderaux reports, incoming and outgoing reinsurance payments and statements of account.

More about Zurich Captive services

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Manage your risk improvement actions worldwide

Track, monitor and update the status of risk improvement actions across all of your locations.

More about Zurich Risk Engineering

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Notify us of completed risk improvement actions

Quickly and easily let us know when you have completed a risk improvement action.

More about Zurich Risk Engineering

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Issue e-certificates in real-time

Generate certificates for your policies*

*This is currently limited to a pilot group of Liability customers.
If this is something of interest to you, please speak to your Zurich contact.

Make sure you always have the latest data

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Direct integration with your own risk management systems

Integrate your Zurich invoices, policies, claims, and risk engineering data with your own risk management systems through an API (Application Programming Interface).

What our customers say

Jürgen Krantz
Managing Director
Metro Group Insurance Broker GmbH

My Zurich for Brokers

My Zurich for Brokers makes program management quicker and easier by giving brokers instant access to data on their clients’ International Programs.

Jonathan Newbery
Head of Digital Experience & Broker Network Management
Commercial Insurance

My Zurich. Get on board.

If you are a Zurich customer and do not have My Zurich access yet, please contact your Zurich representative in your country or the My Zurich team by filling out the form below.


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