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Zurich Risk Room

The Zurich Risk Room helps companies with international operations cutting through the complexity of ever changing risk environments and reach their full potential in making better informed risk management and strategic decisions.

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The Zurich Risk Room…

  • Is Zurich’s proprietary country risk analysis and visualization tool.
  • Includes monthly data for more than 170 countries, going back to January 2007.
  • Covers more than 180 business, economic, political, finance, human capital, infrastructure, technology, climate change, and minerals and metals risks.
  • Is designed to illustrate the impact of multivariate risks on individual countries.
  • Generates intuitive, customer or industry specific, country risk profiles.
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The Zurich Risk Room is used…

  • As a stand-alone tool to visualize and analyze country risks.
  • To complement various corporate risk management, strategy and operational processes.


The Zurich Risk Room can…

  • Help businesses to better understand the complex global risk environment in which they operate.
  • Support companies in analyzing risk trends over time and model potential future risk developments.
  • Facilitate corporate risk management and strategic decision-making.
  • Support companies in their scenario analysis and planning processes.

A demo version of the Zurich Risk Room is available on My Zurich. In order to gain access, please send your name and email address to [email protected], and request log-in details for the Zurich Risk Room demo version.


  • PDF cover Xurich Risk Room Brochure

    Zurich Risk Room Brochure

Voice of the Customer

Thought Leadership in Action

Zurich Enterprise Challenge

The Zurich Enterprise Challenge…

  • Is a global university competition for Masters, MBA and PhD students from universities around the world.
  • Aims to showcase the “real world” capabilities of the Zurich Risk Room, to provide unique, customer-specific solutions to challenges faced by multinational companies.
  • Helps our customers turn unique risk insights into potential opportunities.

Please visit the Zurich Enterprise Challenge page to find out more and register for the Zurich Enterprise Challenge.

Zurich Risk Watch

The Zurich Risk Watch…

  • Is a quarterly newsletter, which aims to support Zurich Risk Room users in identifying, measuring and visualizing geopolitical and economic risk scenarios.
  • Combines local, regional and global risk analyses in the Zurich Risk Room with comprehensive qualitative insights provided by Continuum Economics.
  • Features in-depth analyses of particularly relevant global risk scenarios (risk of trade wars, rising populism, etc) and their potential implications for the global economy and for companies with international operations.

Please contact your Zurich representative in order to learn more about the Zurich Risk Watch.

Zurich Risk Room - Award Winning

  • Most Innovative Use of Technology by Strategic Risk in 2012
  • Business Insurance Innovation Award 2013 in North America
  • Innovator of the Year Award 2013 by Risk & Insurance
  • Risk Management Solution of the Year 2013 by irm
  • Best Review ’Innovative Showcase’ 2014 in North America
  • L’Argus d`Or 2014 Award for Best Innovation in France


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