Our role in society

Insurance creates value for society. It allows people and businesses to protect themselves from risk and helps them become – and remain – prosperous and resilient. Risks are becoming more complex and interconnected as a result of issues like climate change, globalization, urbanization and technological development. Insurers are increasingly expected to use their core skills to help communities and society become more resilient to these interconnected risks. The premiums we invest in capital markets also help to finance businesses and projects that are important for society.

Community investment is at the heart of Zurich’s sustainability strategy. Through investment from the Z Zurich Foundation and from our local offices around the world, we share our resources and expertise to help build more resilient communities, adding value beyond our core business activity. Community investment is also an important part of our employee engagement strategy, and the knowledge and experience employees gain from our community programs often help us shape our products and services, leading to better customer outcomes.

As an insurer, our commitment includes helping communities reduce flood risks. Working with our flood resilience alliance, we can secure lives and livelihoods so people’s hopes, ambitions and futures remain intact, despite floods.

It is also important for Zurich to take accountability for the impact our operations have on the environment. Zurich is taking steps to reduce carbon emissions from its own operations to help mitigate climate change, reduce energy consumption and conserve valuable natural resources.


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