Our responsibility as an investor: doing well and doing good

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Responsible investment is integral to our investment philosophy and approach. For us, it is about managing our assets of approximately USD 200 billion in a way that creates sustainable value - in other words, to do well and do good. When we do ‘well’, we generate superior risk-adjusted returns for our customers and shareholders and when we do ‘good' we have a positive impact on society and the communities where we live and work.

Shaping a more resilient tomorrow

In 2017, Zurich increased its commitment to impact investments and introduced impact targets. While committing to an overall investment of USD 5 billion, innovative impact targets were set, including the goal of avoiding 5 million metric tons of CO2-equivalent emissions and improving the lives of 5 million people per year.

In 2019, Zurich invested another USD 800 million in impact assets, bringing total investments in the impact portfolio to USD 4.6 billion. These investments include green, social and sustainability bonds, as well as commitments to seven private equity funds active in areas like financial inclusion and clean technology. For the first time, Zurich also included impact infrastructure private debt investments as an asset class.

Zurich also established a framework to track the impact of these investments. It measures two metrics: `CO2-equivalent emissions avoided’ and `the number of people who benefited’ across Zurich’s impact portfolio. Zurich is proud that a pilot study of the majority of its impact investments revealed that it helped to avoid 2.8 million tons of CO2- equivalent emissions and, separately, improves the lives of 4.2 million people annually, as of December 2019. Read more

Impact pilot numbers 2019

Reducing risk and helping communities: This is what we aim to do in providing insurance, and in managing our customers’ premiums. Responsible investment achieves both goals, which is why we implement it in theory and in practice.

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How to deal with climate change?

Every business and asset will be affected by climate change and the collective action taken to mitigate or adapt to it. This will be the case even if society successfully transitions toward a climate neutral economy, and, as envisaged by the Paris Accord, succeeds in keeping future temperature increases this century ‘well below’ two degrees Celsius. The impacts of climate change run through all the elements of our responsible investment strategy. How can we make sure that a proper assessment of risks and opportunities is reflected in investment decisions? How can we help finance measures to mitigate and adapt to climate change? How can we deal with the fact that many consequences of climate change will only materialize over a medium- to long-term time horizon? And how can we help to encourage changes that better enable financial markets to effectively deal with climate change, and approach it as both a risk and an opportunity?

Zurich has defined a clear strategy to reflect climate change in its investment approach and we are committed to action in eight areas. Read more

Responsible investment KPIs

  • Responsible investment key performance indicators
    Responsible investment KPIs
  • Impact of real estate investment
    Impact of real estate investment Impact of real estate investment emissions

Responsible investment

Please find below a collection of position and white papers describing our responsible investment approach in detail.

  • cover-doing-well-en

    Doing well and doing good - Why Zurich practices responsible investment

  • cover-doing-well-de

    Doing well and doing good (German) - Why Zurich practices responsible investment

  • cover-doing-well-es

    Doing well and doing good (Spanish) - Why Zurich practices responsible investment

  • cover ri at zurich

    Zurich Responsible Investment Whitepaper

  • cover impact

    Zurich Impact Measurement Framework

  • cover im

    Investment Management - A creator of value in an insurance company

  • cover invest

    Zurich Invest Ltd - Sustainable real estate management

  • cover proxy

    Zurich proxy voting policy and guidelines

Mainstreaming Impact Investing

Our responsible investment approach has been included as a case study in two reports by the World Economic Forum Mainstreaming Impact Investing Initiative.

  • cover mainstream ideas

    From Ideas to Practice, Pilots to Strategy

  • cover mainstream charting

    Charting the Course WEF September 2014

Transparency report

As a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment, Zurich is reporting annually on progress made.

  • cover ri 2018 2019

    RI Transparency report 2018/2019

  • cover ri 2019

    RI Assessment report 2019

  • cover ri 2017-2018

    RI Transparency report 2017/2018

  • cover ri 2018

    RI Assessment report 2018

  • cover ri 2016-2017

    RI Transparency report 2016/2017

  • cover ri 2017

    RI Assessment report 2017

  • cover ri 2015-2016

    RI Transparency report 2015/2016

  • cover ri 2014-2015

    RI Transparency report 2014/2015

  • cover ri 2013-2014

    RI Transparency report 2013/2014

Investment Leaders Group

The Investment Leaders Group (ILG), of which Zurich is a founding member, has issued a variety of reports.

  • cover ilg impact

    In search of impact: Measuring the full value of capital – updated 2019

  • cover ilg impact

    In search of impact: Measuring the full value of capital

  • cover ilg feeling

    Feeling the heat: An investor's guide to measuring business risk from carbon and energy regulation

  • cover ilg long

    Taking the long view: A toolkit for long-term, sustainable investment mandates

  • cover ilg unhedge

    Unhedgeable risk: how climate change sentiment impacts investments

  • cover ilg value

    The value of responsible investment(

Shareholder Rights Directive

Where to find information to be disclosed under the Shareholder Rights Directive.

  • cover shareholder rights directive

    Shareholder Rights Directive


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